In order to ensure reliable operation over time and to the components and the hydraulic system, the hydraulic fluid must have and maintain, constantly during operation, a limited degree of contamination within the values established by the project.

In the assessment of the causes of malfunctioning of oil-hydraulic systems, it has been ascertained that most of the failures must be attributed to the presence of a high quantity of solid fluid contaminant.

Continuous checks of the fluid allow you determining the condition and, if the permissible values of the characteristic parameters undergo a worsening beyond the allowed limits, so it is possible to take the necessary measures, thus minimizing the undesired machine stops.

One of the essential requirements for the good operation of the oil-hydraulic system is the filtration of the hydraulic fluid and of the conditioning air that enters the tanks.

During the operation of the system, two types of contamination occur:
- internal when contaminants are formed in the system such as pumps, cylinders and valves that produce contaminant particles by abrasion;
- external when the contaminants existing in the surrounding environment tend to penetrate the oil-hydraulic system through insufficient sealing of the tanks, unsuitable air filters and filler plugs.

It should also be remembered that even new liquids, just supplied in sealed drums, may not meet the required degree of contamination.

The Company System Fluid Srl, attentive to the prevention of malfunctions, makes available to its Customers various off-line microfiltration units able to guarantee optimal cleaning levels of the oil charges of the working systems and to filter new fluids, also for flushing, according to the requests of the Customers.

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