System Fluid srl, for years, offers the internal mechanical cleaning of the pipes ALKA Pro-Clean as an alternative or in addition to the flushing operations of the systems. ALKA Pro-Clean

The system is basically simple, intuitive, fast and cheap; it is about shooting special "bullets", available with different densities, surfaces and diameters depending on the type of use, which are pushed by compressed air or inert gases "like nitrogen” through pipes starting from an internal diameter of 2 mm for lengths that can even reach 1000 meters.

The system can also be used in the presence of dry bends at 90°, diameter variations and obstacles such as T- or Y-shaped deviations and ball valves; it can be used both with rigid pipes and hoses, furthermore the "bullets" can be soaked in substances such as degreasers or sanitizers, at the same time guaranteeing the mechanical cleaning action and a chemical treatment and extending the fields of application from industrial maintenance to plant engineering, from air conditioning to the food industry, from the transport sector to the chemical-medical one.