The Company System Fluid S.r.l. was established in 2001 with the intent to offer its Customers the following:

  • Design and manufacture of "turnkey" hydraulic, pneumatic and lubrication systems;
  • Machine installations;
  • Prefabrication of tubing and piping and on-site assembly;
  • Assistance and maintenance interventions;
Employing flexible personnel highly trained in the problem-solving approach.

Thanks to the many years of technical and commercial experience gained in the oil-hydraulic and piping sector, in 2016, the Management decided to implement the service provided to Customers, giving rise to the "DIAGNOSIS AND SERVICE" Division.

The expansion of the activities involved the transfer of the registered office from Casazza (BG), currently used as a workshop and warehouse, to the new, more modern and welcoming premises based in Costa Volpino (BG) where there are:

- the administrative and management offices;
- a training room within which courses and meetings of various kinds are carried out with the Customers and their own staff, thus offering training and comparison days for constant growth over time;
- an analysis laboratory where workers carry out:

  • the chemical-physical diagnosis activity of hydraulic fluids;
  • the reconditioning (removal of particulate and water material) of oil fillers with spaces and equipment specifically designed for this type of service.

The goal of System Fluid S.r.l. is to be able to solve, always, the problems of its Customers, thus investing continuously in training, research and development.