For a perfect filtration of all industrial oil systems

Contamination is the main cause of malfunctions and failures related to oil. The Triple R filtration system purifies the oil, thus allowing significant savings on maintenance and downtime due to oil changes or breakdowns.

A unique filter system

Triple R bypass oil cleaners have the remarkable ability to remove all three pollutants:

  • Removes up to 99% of all solid contaminants.
  • Eliminates damaging sludge, varnish and oxidation products.
  • Reduces water concentration to less than 100 ppm.

By-pass setup

Designed to connect directly to the system, Triple R filters can be easily installed even without the aid of a pump. Allowing to optimize the dedicated space as much as possible.

Off-line setup

Triple R filtration systems are very compact, with CE certification and can be available in many versions.