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Surface chemical cleaning process of the materials produced by removing the impurities related to oxidation, manufacturing and processing. Pickling is a process of solubilisation of iron oxides and compounds on the surface.


Chemical process, following the pickling, which aims to enhance the spontaneous formation of a passivating and protective film that insulates the underlying metal from the reagent, thus preventing the continuation of the oxidation reaction.

The pickling of the piping is a chemical treatment carried out with a solution of hydrochloric acid. It can be performed through immersion and / or circulation:

  • In the first case, we send a firm specializing in the Piping realized in the workshop or on site, which executes the pickling and the passivation in appropriate tanks, after spraying the inside of the operating oil and the capping, issuing a certificate on request. Preferred solution for pipe with a diameter upper than 2".

  • In the second case we prepare the circuit for the chemical treatment and so itís provided the study and the construction of temporary connections to divide the system to be treated.
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