Oil Analysis

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System Fluid Srl a qualified consultant that is able to anticipate possible abnormalities and act decisively on the hydraulic and lubrication systems.

Thanks to our services, the user has the essential data to program the maintenance and management of the systems. In fact, System Fluid Srl has entered into a collaboration agreement with the company I.F.H. S.r.l. in the context of verification of quality of the fluid used in hydraulic and lubrication systems, with a specific analysis of the Oil and the Water and Glycols. Thanks to the experience of the lab technicians, the equipment used by them and the continuous presence of System Fluid personnel, customers will always have control of the filter and filtration system present in their equipment. An analysis of the quality of the oil is certainly useful to maintenance engineers for the prevention or assessment of breaking of the components present in the systems. By optimizing as much as possible the quality of the fluid used, system shutdowns will be reduced as well as their management costs. There are different types of analysis which will be defined based on the needs of the customer.

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