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In the new plants, by taking precautions during assembly, you can not completely eliminate the contaminants, so it is necessary that a new plant is subjected to flushing operation.

- For small plants, upon agreement with the client, it can be done with the same power plant, by temporarily disassembling and assembling all valves in place of shorted platelets (i.e. P in A and B in T) and by-passing all actuators (cylinders and motors) so as to create one or more circuits.

- For large installations or however important ones, however, there must certainly be used a dedicated flushing power unit.

 In all cases, the fluid is analyzed in line with a portable particle counter to verify the level of fluid cleaning required by specification sheet.

gruppo riempimento
Filing and filtering group HYDAC OFU 10P1N2 of 100 l/min

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